About the Consultant Team

The Toronto Ward Boundary Review is being undertaken by a consultant team that consists of the Canadian Urban Institute, Beate Bowron Etcetera, The Davidson Group and Thomas Osler. 

The Canadian Urban Institute

The Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) was established in 1990 in Toronto as Canada’s applied urban policy institute.  Our mandate is to build wisdom and inspire leadership for healthy urban development.  CUI is a public good enterprise 95% funded through project work.  

We perform the following roles in support of decision-making to sustain economically, socially and environmentally resilient communities:

  • Applied Research 
  • Education/Training 
  •  Stakeholder Engagement
  • Data Mapping & Visualization

CUI is working in partnership with members of our extensive networks in the private, public, academic and civil society sectors on projects in the following theme areas:

  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • Good Density
  • Vital Places
  • Enabled Teams

Learn more: www.canurb.org

Beate Bowron Etcetera Inc.

Beate Bowron Etcetera Inc. is a Toronto-based consultancy established in 2003. The firm provides consulting services in: urban planning; public involvement, conflict resolution and consensus building; ward boundary reviews; climate change adaptation planning; and international development. A former Director of Community Planning with the City of Toronto, Beate Bowron has been responsible for a variety of projects across Canada, including, with Dr. Gary Davidson, the Ottawa Ward Boundary Review.

The Davidson Group Inc.

The Davidson Group Inc. is a consultancy based out of Bayfield, Ontario that was established in 1999.  The firm provides advisory services related to ward boundary reviews, land use planning, climate change adaptation planning, local economic development, public involvement and international development.

Gary Davidson, the president of The Davidson Group, has been at the forefront of major ward boundary deliberations in Ontario. Dr. Davidson, along with Ms. Bowron, developed the two-stage approach to ward boundary reviews that is now considered the standard in the province.

Thomas Ostler, MCIP, RPP

Mr. Ostler is a private consultant engaged in research, policy analysis and strategic planning. Based in Toronto, Mr. Ostler specializes in demographic analysis, housing research, economic development, employment lands, official plan policy, and corporate and strategic initiatives.


Advisory Panel

Mr. Fred Dean is a municipal lawyer who acts exclusively for local government. He is a frequent contributor to Municipal World and is active with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario. Mr Dean provides civic leaders with tools to make effective decisions and engage citizens in public processes.

Dr. Patricia O’Campo is Director, Centre for Research on Inner City Health and a professor with the Dalla Lana School of Public Health Sciences at the University of Toronto. Dr O’Campo’s research project, Urban H.E.A.R.T, has brought together stakeholders from 140 Toronto neighbourhoods to develop indicators related to diversity and income inequality affected community well-being.

Ms. Beverley Don is a Vice President and Director of the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA). She is also the proprietor of Ardith One, Canadian Pottery and Crafts. In her role with TABIA, Ms Don has been actively involved in a diverse range of issues related to the contribution and impact of BIAs for communities across the City. Bev has been chair of the Yonge Lawrence Village BIA since its inception in 2001.

Dr Myer Siemiatycki is a professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson University. His academic interests include citizens’ rights and immigration; he was the founding Director (2004-2008) of the Interdisciplinary MA program in Immigration and Settlement Studies.

Mr. Don Granger is a former member and vice chair of the Ontario Municipal Board (1997-2012), where he was responsible for more than 1,000 hearings and mediations. He was active in OMB outreach, mentoring and education. Mr Granger was also Mayor of Flamborough (1991-1994) and for many years taught planning-related curriculum at Mohawk College of Applied Arts & Technology.