ABOUT THE supplementary REPORT

The Supplementary Report was released October 19, 2016. It contains a description and analysis of the comments and suggestions received during the August-September 2016 consultation process on the various ward boundary options and the TWBR Team’s revisions of the maps of some options, where applicable. The Report also makes a recommendation for a new ward alignment for Toronto. 

interactive MAP

Explore the options contained in the Supplementary Report using the interactive web map. 


At its meeting on May 24, 2016, the City of Toronto Executive Committee asked the City Manager to request the TWBR Team to provide additional information on a number of issues. The TWBR Team developed the Additional Information Report (August 2016) in response, as the basis for conducting a public consultation process in August-September 2016.

The Supplementary Report contains relevant sections of the Additional Information Report and a summary and analysis of the feedback received from the public and members of Council. 

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