stay Informed! 

There were two rounds of civic engagement and public consultation.  The engagement component kept the public informed about the Toronto Ward Boundary Review process and offered opportunities to participate, including:  

  • Social media - follow us on Twitter @drawthelinesTO
  • Print advertisements and posters
  • Online surveys
  • Consultation Guide

The consultation component refers to all face-to-face meetings and included: 

  • Meetings with the Mayor and Councillors
  • Meetings with key stakeholder groups
  • Public meetings

Round One (July 2014 to February 2015) was focused on collecting input on Toronto's current ward boundaries.  Residents, stakeholders and Members of Council were asked to identify issues and make suggestions for improving the current ward boundaries. Read the Round One Report for a summary of what we heard. 

Round Two (August to November 2015) was focused on collecting feedback on 5 options for new ward boundaries in Toronto. Read the Round Two Report for a summary of the results.

In Fall 2016, as requested by Executive Committee, the TWBR conducted an additional round of consultation and engagement to gather input from the public, stakeholders and Members of Council on information presented in the Additional Information Report. The results of this consultation are included in the TWBR Supplementary Report. 


Click here to view the Toronto Ward Boundary Review Consultation and Engagement Plan. 

The Toronto Ward Boundary Review includes numerous opportunities for Council members, stakeholders and the public to give their opinions on the size and shape of Toronto’s wards as well as on the options for any new ward structure that will be proposed.